Types Of Commission Hero Robby Blanchard

Affiliate marketing is a commissioning program for someone successful in promoting a product or service through digital channels such as websites and social media. By following this program, it will be easier for you to get money quickly and of course with big profits. If you want to join this program, you can join the commission hero Robby Blanchard to get the fast results you want.

However, before that, know in advance about the following things. Listen to the end, OK!

In general, you will get a commission after you successfully get a new customer via a referral code or a special link. There are several types of affiliate marketing commissions, and each of them has its challenges to earning it.

Pay per click
This type of pay-per-click commission is the easiest to get because you only need to convince other people to click a link that leads to a merchant’s landing page. This type of commission usually prioritizes quantity, so that the commission earned per click is not too large.

Pay per sale
Pay per sale commission has a much higher level of difficulty than other types of commission. To get this type of commission, you need to convince people to buy a product or service. Therefore, you are challenged to design a very persuasive offer.

In exchange, you will get a portion of the transaction nominal as a commission in the form of a percentage of sales.

Pay per lead
This type of pay-per-lead commission is one of the big challenges for an affiliate marketer. This type of commission requires the affiliate to direct the customer to a website while simultaneously performing an action determined by the merchant such as registering for an account, joining a free trial program, downloading software, and other conversion models.

After knowing the three types of affiliate marketing commissions, now we will discuss who can run this affiliate marketing business model.