5 Tips To Prevent Rats In The Kitchen, Keep Them Clean!

Rats are an animal that is quite common in homes, especially kitchens. Although common, this animal has been labeled a dirty animal so it is feared that it will cause disease or contaminate the food in the kitchen, so you also need to provide pest control so that rats don’t bother you anymore. Therefore, you need to know some important tips to avoid rats in the kitchen Cayce Bugs.

What are the tips? Come on, find out.

1. Shut down mouse walks
When you have free time, try to look around the kitchen to see if some holes or gaps have been the way in and out of rats. If so, then you can immediately close it with a meeting. Usually, the paths of mice are in the form of holes or cracks in the walls.

2. Get used to storing food in the refrigerator
The refrigerator is the best place for you to store all food or ingredients. Don’t get used to just putting food on the table. This can indirectly invite the presence of rats in the house.

3. Always keep the kitchen clean
Cleanliness is the main key to a healthy and well-maintained kitchen. Therefore, you need to pay attention to cleanliness if you want your kitchen to be free from rats. Usually, rats like to be in a kitchen with minimal cleanliness.

4. Keep crickets and keep in the kitchen
If you want a more effective method, try raising crickets and keeping them in a box in the house. It is said that the sound of crickets is very disliked by mice. Of course, that way, your kitchen can be free of rats.

5. Don’t leave the kitchen dark
The room conditions with minimal light or dark are very popular with rats. Therefore, make it a habit to turn on the lights so that your kitchen remains bright. That way, the mice hesitate to enter the kitchen.

Well, it is quite easy to prevent mice in the kitchen. This of course aims to keep the kitchen at home clean and avoid animals that can contaminate food.

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