Believe Don’t Believe, But This Is The Kind Of Witchcraft And How To Avoid It

Black Magic is the process of harming, harming, and even acting maliciously towards someone or a target. The trick is with long-distance black magic which uses multiple mediums. These mediums are ‘sent’ by shamans or ‘smart people’ hired by the magicians. This black magic has been present in society since the time of the Prophet. Even so, along with the times, many began not to believe in sciences like this. Even though people don’t believe it, there are still cases involving witchcraft to date. Therefore a practitioner is needed who can remove black magic.

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This is one of the most common means of harming. The sender of witchcraft ‘inserts’ needles into the body of his victim to suffer. The locations are also strange, such as the stomach, legs, and internal organs. This iron can be slabs that have rust. Suddenly it will be in the victim’s body. The sender wants the receiver to suffer from corrosion and pain from the sharp and rough edges of the iron. If this is usually the same as a needle, it is sent in large quantities. So the victim’s internal organs will be punctured slowly. This certainly hurts the victim and kills him slowly. Nail is another tool of witchcraft that is no less popular. The person who becomes the victim will swallow a nail. The nails were not small in size, but large and usually corroded. This doll looks simple to make, but when this doll has been given spells to find the victim, how dangerous this doll is. The victim will be tortured by a shaman or someone with a grudge against him. This can include being stabbed with a needle, knife, and tied around the neck so that the victim is suffocating.

The system is the same, but wooden puppets are usually for harder witchcraft. People who hold grudges against their victims want the recipients of witchcraft to be tortured. It could be that the wood was burned and it would have an effect on the victim. This type of witchcraft uses a genie to annoy the victim. Usually, the genie will stick to the victim for some time until the victim falls ill or even dies. Wild animals that can injure and kill humans are sent to injure victims of witchcraft. Suppose suddenly in the middle of the night the victim’s room will have a snake or a centipede, even a scorpion. The animals are dispatch.

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