Your Tiny House Looks Boring? This Is The way To Fix It!

Minimalist houses that are not too large are the design choices of housing developers, especially in big cities. Houses like this do not need large land so that in the end they can be marketed at a more affordable price. However, what is the drawback of a small house is that it is easy for the impression of a monton to appear. One of the advantages of a small minimalist home is tolerance of color experimentation. In contrast to large houses, it is okay to use blue, gray, and black colors on the facade of the house. Don’t believe it? The white color of the next page cannot be separated from a minimalist home. White makes the atmosphere of the house cleaner and easier to match with other home furnishings. The white color is indeed timeless. To make the house more cheerful, mix it with comfortable wooden floors and brightly colored sofas.

Apart from white, black is fine for a minimalist outdoor appearance. The black house will make the house look unique and modern. However, this black color should only be used to paint the exterior of the house. The interior of the house still uses bright colors such as white or cream to give a warm and bright impression in the house. Yep, this is another color that is often used for minimalist homes. Gray gives off a calm and comfortable impression. You can use dark gray combined with large windows for your home. Gray also gives off a modern, classy, ??and youthful look. Another thing that is synonymous with a minimalist home is a large glass door or window combined with wooden walls. The outside should still be painted so that the surface is protected from hot and cold weather. Follow the wood color which is brown for the exterior appearance of your home.

There are also minimalist homes that let the bricks visible or use exposed bricks. The original reddish brick color makes the house a natural style. However, the white exposed brick color also gives a roomy impression. Again, mix it with large window glass.