These Are The Specifications For The Range Rover Evoque And Discovery

The company of Jaguar Land Rover inserts its latest hybrid engine variants for Range Rover Evoque and Discovery Sport SUV cars. The company says the plug-in hybrid system can be used in fully electric mode, or without using a gasoline engine. However, if the car is used for long distances, the gasoline engine driving mode can be re-activated. The company states that when the car is running, the energy generated by the engine during acceleration or deceleration in electric or hybrid mode can be used to charge the battery. Eco-friendly cars are now becoming a global automotive trend. Apart from that, you might also want to check out the range rover rental london if you wish to rent a good range rover.

Last month, German automakers BMW and Daimler estimated that using electric cars could reduce emissions from the cars they sell by an average of 20 percent this year. BMW currently has 500,000 electric and hybrid cars on the road. They want to double that sale by the end of next year.

Range Rover Evoque P300e basic specifications:

Total torque: 309PS / 540Nm
Combined WLTP fuel economy: 1.4L / 100km (201.8mpg)
Combined WLTP CO2 emissions: 32g / km
EV-only range: 66km (41 miles)
Rapid charging time: 0-80 percent in 30 minutes

Discovery Sport P300e:

Total torque: 309PS / 540Nm
Combined WLTP fuel economy: 1.6L / 100km (175.5mpg)
Combined WLTP CO2 emissions: 36g / km
EV-only range: 62km (38 miles)
Rapid charging time: 0-80 percent in 30 minutes

Those are the specs of the new range rover. With such specs, it’s clear that the car can fulfill your needs in daily driving. It’s comfortable, fast, and also energy efficient. Thus, making your drive become more comfortable and also more efficient. You might also want to compare this specification with other types of cars, and you can still think of this one as generally better than most, especially if you live in a city with a terrain that is quite rough for a normal car to go through.