How To Have A Restaurant Kitchen Free Of Rats?

In this process, the kitchen or FNB (Food and Beverages) plays an important role. In the kitchen, all raw food ingredients are processed in such a way that they are ready to be served with high taste and attractive appearance. But what happens if you find rats in the kitchen or restaurant where we operate? If this happens then hurry up and use an exterminator to root them!

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But have you recently begun to be hopeless with rats in your kitchen, because even though you have tried various methods, your kitchen has never been completely free from this one pest. Maybe some of the tips below can help you solve the rat problem in your restaurant kitchen:

Recognize rats
Holes and burrows are signs of rodents. Check the outside and inside of your restaurant, especially if the restaurant especially the kitchen is on the ground floor and only separated by a wall from the outside. If there is a suspicious hole, it could be a mouse hole. Immediately fix and cover the hole to prevent mice from returning to the nest. Rat droppings and unpleasant odors can also be signs of rats, also, pay attention to whether there are footprints and traces of rat fat (smear).

Manage trash well
Make sure the trash you have is still fit for use and properly covered, if necessary, clean it regularly. The removal of garbage from the kitchen to the dumpsite must also be on time, don’t let the trash in your restaurant pile up for too long.

Clean the kitchen restaurant area
From now on, make sure your kitchen floor is clean, besides, don’t forget to clean utensils after cooking and throw away food scraps. Pack the leftovers that are still used properly and place them in a place that is safe from rats.

Close the mouse entrance
Note that mice can pass through a 1.2 cm hole with a flexible spine, so don’t delay too long to inspect and close any potential gaps in your restaurant area.

Tidy up things
Organize your items by arranging items systematically. To do this, put the scattered items into the container and then arrange them neatly. Stacks of goods should not be attached to the wall, this is to minimize the space for rats and make it easier to monitor their movements.